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Hey, I'm Kaylin

Welcome to The Meck House! In this blog, you will find all things #momlife. We are normalizing the everyday mom who is doing their best to raise happy little humans. We may not be perfect, but we are the perfect moms for our babies. Follow along for posts on motherhood, travel, and simple activities you can try with your kiddos.  SO glad you are here! 

Motherhood & Activities

Coming from a teaching background, a big part of what I love doing with Sofia and Bubs is learning (and sometimes just plain fun) activity-based.  Don't worry though, it is all very simple and requires little prep! Apart from that, I am just your normal everyday mom. Sofia is 6 and Sawyer is 4. 22 months apart y'all; it can get real crazy up in here (🎶 up in here, up in here).  If what I share could make others feel a little more "normal" or give you an idea to try something new with your kiddos, then I would be on cloud 9. 🌥


Check out my Videos page for Vlogs on crafting, cleaning, & surviving motherhood. I'm not perfect. Things get really messy around here 85% of the time, however, I've found that cleaning/organizing is a form of self-care for me. The majority of my videos are "clean with me" style. 


Our family has made travel/adventure an important part of our lives. My daughter is like momma and enjoys a beachy destination and both kids have been begging to return to Disney since our October 2021 trip (me too, but we have to convince Carl 🤪). However, traveling was MUCH easier before our two little additions came along. I'll be sharing with you our trips from 2021 as well as trips we have coming up this year. ✈️ 🌎

Blogger's Note

I literally can not thank you all enough for stopping by my blog. As mentioned in my first blog post found here, this has been a dream of mine for years. Be on the lookout for new posts, and be sure to follow me here on Instagram so you don't miss a post or video! If you would like to know more about me, check out my About page. 

💕💕 Sending love & momma-to-momma support,



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