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A Summer-Time Snack Your Kids Will Love

Every once and a while I like to try making a new snack or dessert with the kids. This week I am sharing a super fun summer-time snack with you that is perfect for busy moms like us. Anything to make motherhood a little easier, am I right? Check out the post below for this 3 ingredient snack that is perfect for a summer day or ocean-themed birthday!

What You Need

This snack is simple. All you need to make it happen is 1 snack pack of blue jello, graham crackers, and some Swedish Fish.

How to assemble

1. Using a small, clear bowl, open the jello snack pack and dump it in.

2. Next take a graham cracker and break it into 4 rectangles.

3. Use 1 rectangle to create a dam for the jello.

4. Crush the other three rectangles in a ziplock to create a sand texture.

5. pour the crushed graham crackers into the bowl on the side without jello.

6. Finally, place two (or however many are desired) Swedish Fish into the jello

7. Enjoy!

Our Thoughts

Sofia 100% approved of this snack. I used the Sour Patch Kids blue jello for hers because she loves anything with a sour taste. Bubs is not a huge fan of sour so for him, regular blue jello is better. The assembly of this snack took me less than 5 minutes and that included taking photos for a slow-motion reel I added to my Instagram account. So overall this snack was a win here at The Meck House. It was simple, affordable, and quick to prepare.

You can view my stop-motion reel on in my videos tab & be sure to follow my Instagram account for more. I share even more activities & motherhood stories over there.

Let me know what you think!


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