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ABC Seashell Hunt: The Perfect Summer Learning Activity

Looking for a way to incorporate learning into your everyday play? You should definitely try this ABC Seashell Hunt! Read below to see how I took sand toys we already owned and added a learning activity perfect for preschoolers!


All you need for this activity is sand, sand toys, seashells, and a marker. Yup, it's that simple. I only spent $1.25 at Dollar Tree for a pack of seashells. For the rest, I used our sand play container we already had.

*these are affiliate Amazon links provided if you are missing some of the items needed. Linked are the best deals I could find, but I totally recommend trying Dollar Tree if you want to spend less!


There is very minimal prep to this ABC Seashell Hunt.

Step 1

Using a permanent marker, write the ABCs on the back of the shells. I did capital letters, but you could switch it up for what your child needs to practice the most.

Step 2

Hide the shells in a container of sand. You could use regular or kinetic sand. Whatever you have!

Step 3

Toss some sand toys on top and let the kids dig! Bonus points for talking about the letters found and matching them.

Why should you try this activity?

This ABC Seashell Hunt allows kids to learn through play. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. The benefits of doing this ABC Seashell hunt include:

  • Letter Recognition

  • Sensory Exploration

  • Building foundation for reading

  • Simple set up

  • endless & reusable fun

Our Thoughts

Honestly, when an activity is this easy, cheap, and engaging you have to try it. Both kids really enjoyed this ABC SeaShell Hunt and we kept the materials in our sand play container to reuse. As a mom, I love it when my conversations with the kids teach them something. This activity allowed us to have a natural and engaging conversation about letters and the sounds they make.

What ABC learning activities have you tried this year? Let me know in the comments your favorites!

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support, Kaylin

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