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DIY Colorful Craft Noodles & What You Can Do with Them

Who remembers using colored noodles for crafts as a kid? 🙋‍♀️ My earliest memory was a macaroni picture frame lol. Last week, I decided to bring back crafting noodles with my own kids. These DIY colorful craft noodles were super easy and the total cost was 5 minutes time to gather materials from around the house. Read below to see how we made our colored craft noodles & what we used them for.


To create the noodles all you need is:

  • a bag of uncooked noodles (any shape or size)

  • food coloring

  • rubbing alcohol or vodka

  • Jar & Ziplock bags

The materials for the crafts you can do with these noodles vary. Some supplies you may want to have on hand are:

  • paper

  • white glue

  • hot glue

  • yarn


Step 1

Place a Ziplock bag inside a jar. Wrap the ends around the mouth of the jar, so you can easily add things inside the bag.

Step 2

Once you are ready to add to your bag, place 2-3 handfuls of noodles into it. (The type of noodle doesn't matter. These noodles we were given and with my wheat allergy, I can't consume them. So why not craft with them instead? 😂)

Step 3

Add other ingredients. 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol or vodka and 20-30 drops of food coloring.

Step 4

Pull the bag out of the jar and seal it. To protect against leaks, place a second bag around the first and then shake it until the noodles are completely covered in the dye.

Step 5

Let the noodles sit in the bag for 30ish minutes before laying them flat on a piece of parchment paper until dry to the touch. (we let ours sit overnight just to be safe)

Step 6

Craft away!

Craft ideas

As I mentioned before, there are tons of different crafts you can do with colored noodles. You can do the classic "noodle frame" as I did in Kindergarten, you can make structures, towers, or noodle necklaces and bracelets!

For our activity, we kept it pretty simple. I have been working on name recognition with Bubba and so we started by having them glue noodles in the shape of their names. First, I used markers to write their names on white paper. Then they practiced their gluing skills and glued noodles around the letters.

When they were done with their names, I let them create a 3D masterpiece. Basically, I told them to create whatever they wanted and they came up with these! They turned out super cool. We let them dry flat overnight and now they are hanging up on display.

Our Thoughts

I love an easy assemble, cheap craft; and that is what this was. So on a scale of disaster to will-do-again, we are doing it again next week! We plan to make necklaces next and maybe some towers. I'll keep you all posted. If you haven't already you can follow my Instagram page for daily content. I've been sharing a ton of reels of our activities over there and would love to have you follow along!

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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