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Easiest Time-Killing Activity Ever.

Hey friends! Are you ready for the world's easiest time-killing activity ever? I know we all have a crazy busy #momlife. We don't always have time to go all out planning something for our kids to do. This coloring activity is so simple and provided my 5 & 3-year old almost an hour of play-time. Tip- the bigger the box the longer time you can kill 😉

Here is what you need:

  • old cardboard box (I used an Amazon box from a previous delivery!)

  • markers (I used my old teacher's supply of markers, a mix of Crayola and Mr. Sketch)

Yes, it is that simple. Total cost? $0. You read that right, ZERO freaking dollars. If you are needing new markers you can get them super cheap using the links provided above (affiliate links). My kiddos love the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers but use the Crayola just as much so you can't go wrong there. Like I mentioned before this activity is easy to prep and also super fun for the kiddos. 👀 Some more pics below of Sof & Bubs coloring their box.

And that's it! Also how stinking cute is Bubs in that last photo? 😂 He is a very active 3-year-old so while his sister calmly colored the entire box, Bubs had to stop for a dance break every couple of minutes. 🕺 Tell me- What are some silly things your littles do?

💕💕 sending you love & momma to momma support,


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