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Easy End of Year Teacher Gift

Are you looking for an easy end-of-year teacher gift without breaking the bank? This affordable craft/gift idea is perfect for any teacher. Sofia and Bubba have three preschool teachers this year and so I created 1 of these flower pots for each of them. They turned out super cute and were simple to make. Here is what you need 👇🏼.

Supplies Needed

easy end of year teacher gift, supplies needed for the craft

  • ceramic pot (1 per gift)

  • a packet of flower seeds

  • craft sticks

  • styrofoam block

  • 1 sheet of cardstock

  • pen & markers

  • scissors

  • hot glue (low temp)

  • tissue paper (I chose green to look like leaves)

  • candy of choice

  • gift card


Step 1

Cut the styrofoam block into smaller pieces to fit in the pot. They did sell small styrofoam balls which would work great and include zero cutting. I however didn't want to spend three dollars on it so I opted for 1, 97 cent block instead.

Step 2

Hot glue seed packet to a craft stick.

Step 3

Push craft stick into styrofoam and place it inside the pot.

Step 4

Create a sign with cardstock, pen, and marker, and then glue it onto the seed packet. I cut mine with the decorative scissors and hand wrote, "Preschool teachers plant seeds that grow forever". I then took a marker and outlined the circle. I was going for a flower look lol.

Step 5

Fill the pot with tissue paper and top with candies.

Step 6 Optional

Add a gift card! We did a local cafe that we love. We thought it would be a nice treat for the teachers while they are on vacation.

Cost breakdown

ceramic pot $.94

seeds $1.44

craft sticks $3.97 for a jumbo pack (You only need 1 stick & the pack comes with 50)

styrofoam block $.97

tissue paper $1

Hershey's kisses $3.25

Dove chocolate $3.25

Gift Card $20

Total Cost $34.82

easy end of year teacher gift, final product. "teachers plant seeds that grow forever"

I love how these turned out! We had to do three of them because Sofia and Bubs have 3 teachers at their preschool but it still wasn't too much. The only thing we had to spend extra on was two extra pots, packs of seeds, and gift cards. If you would like to see the making of this in action you can check out my Instagram profile or my YouTube channel for the video!

Have you gotten gifts together for the end of the school year yet? Let me know what you end up doing in the comments!


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