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Family Planning: How I Organize Our Schedules as a Family of 4

School is back in session and extracurricular activities have either already started or are about to start. Are you struggling to keep up with your family's schedules? Check out my video and blog post below to see how I stay organized as a mom of 2 and a family of 4.


Tip 1: Find your child's school district calendar & write down the no school days and early outs, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

This is something I started last year when the kids were both in preschool. When it was just one I felt like could manage just by memory but as soon as Sawyer started preschool too I couldn't remember who went where and when. I was a mess. I was managing my schedule, preschool schedules, dance, soccer, and gymnastics. It was too much! That is when I discovered the power of yearly planning.

Laying out of school and extracurricular activities schedules for the entire year saved me so much time down the road. Instead of forgetting the schedule and having to ask other moms when something was happening, I was finally the mom who knew all the dates.

Yearly planning is also super helpful when you are planning vacations and work schedules. We knew exactly when we could and couldn't go on a trip because all of the non-missable dates were already recorded in my planner.

Tip 2: Use different colors of the pen for each family member

Ok, this may seem "extra" but it is actually super essential in keeping an organized planner. Do you often write something down like "dentist appointment" and then when the time comes forget who had said appointment? Yeah, that was me. Now that I assign each person a color I know who the event is for without having to write their name next to it. For example, if "no school" is written in green, I know Sawyer doesn't have a school that day, but Sofia does.

Tip 3: Display a big monthly calendar for everyone to see.

Yes, I am saying you should not only have your yearly calendar, but also a monthly one. We use a whiteboard calendar like this. Using a whiteboard calendar allows you to make last-minute changes and additions, which is huge in our family. Last-minute party invites or work changes can be easily switched!

Another reason for displaying your monthly calendar is forgetfulness. If I don't have the calendar in my line of sight each day I will totally forget what is happening that month.

Follow these 3 tips for calendar organization and you will be a pro at family planning in no time. This system has allowed me to find the ultimate family calendar organization for our family of 4.

Sending love & momma to momma support,


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