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Ice Excavating: An engaging summer activity for kids

Looking for a free and easy activity that will help your child stay cool this summer? This engaging summer activity for kids is perfect for just that! I am calling this "Ice Excavating". A couple months ago we did a rock excavation activity and ever since my kids have loved getting to dig. Read below to see how I created an Ice Excavation activity for my 5 and 3-year-old to explore.

Materials Needed

This activity is very easy to assemble. It took me less than 5 minutes to gather and prepare everything. To create the ice block I used:

  • a freeze save tubbaware bowl

  • tap water

  • small toys

When we were ready to excavate the ice block I had a few "archeologist tools" in hand. They weren't the real thing, but they served the purpose we needed them for. Here are the tools I gave the kids to explore with:

  • magnifying glass

  • toy hammer

  • small paint brush

  • goggles to protect their eyes


This was incredibly easy to create. I actually didn't spend a dime as I made use of things we had around the house. Here is how I created the activity:

Step 1

Fill an empty freeze safe bowl 3/4 full of water. I used a round tubbaware which had a flat bottom. This was the perfect size for us.

Step 2

Gather toys from around your house. I stuck to small toys, that way I could fit in a variety. Place the toys in the bowl of water.

Step 3

Cover with lid and place in freezer for 24 hours. (it can sit longer too, if you don't have time to do the activity right away)

Step 4

After 24 hours remove bowl from freezer. I recommend taking this outside on a hot day. The heat will help the excavating process by melting some of the ice. Flip the bowl upside down to remove ice from the container.

Step 5

Let the kids explore with magnifying glasses, brushes, & a toy hammer. We had lots of fun guessing what toys were in the ice, learning about how ice melts, and wacking the ice with the hammers.


I highly recommend wearing safety glasses for this activity. Water & small chunks of ice may fly about when the kids are hammering the ice block. We had no injuries during this activity, but I wanted to state the warning just in case!

Our Thoughts

We loved it! The kids spent an entire hour actively engaged in this ice excavating activity. For me that is a #momwin. They spent the hour discussing what they were seeing and using muscles to hammer and brush the ice away. For my kids it was the perfect summer day activity, and they loved getting water on them during it. I would say if you have younger kids, this may not be an ideal activity. You could alter it by removing the hammer tool. Instead, let your child watch the ice melt, and try to guess what toys are hiding in it. It is just ice, so it is taste safe. Sofie and Bub both took a few licks while excavating. 😂

I hope you have fun with this activity!

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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