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Last Minute Easter Activity: ABC Egg Hunt

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

This activity can be done before OR after Easter. Last year, we used our leftover eggs and did this ABC Egg hunt a dozen times. This year, we are doing it again, but in three different ways to practice our letter recognition! Check out the directions & pictures from our experience below. ⬇️


  1. plastic, fillable eggs

  2. white paper

  3. marker

  4. scissors


  1. Make a "game board": write the ABCs on a piece of paper (I spaced them out and used 3 pieces of printer paper) You can do capitals, lower case, or mixed!

  2. Write & Cut ABCs for eggs: using the same paper (you can use stickers if you have them), write the ABCs again and then cut them out so you can put 1 letter per egg.

  3. hide eggs

  4. have kids find 1 egg at a time to open & match to the game board.

Sofia helped me cut & stuff the eggs. She is the best helper.

Finding Eggs! Lots of educational conversations with the kiddos. Bubba is still learning letters (he calls them numbers lol), while Sofia has them down pretty well.

You can even catch this activity live in action here ⬇️ on my YouTube channel. I posted short clips of the activity at the end of my Kitchen Spring Clean 2022.

And that's it! Seriously so easy. If you have a printer handy you can also google "ABC chart" and print the letters that way. My teacher soul wanted me to write them with colorful scented markers though, so that's the route I took. 😉 Have a Happy Easter!

💕sending you love & momma to momma support,


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