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Life Update, March 2023

Ok, I will admit it. I totally ghosted my own blog *insert facepalm*. I had such good intentions to get back into blogging in the fall, but life happened and I honestly had zero time to focus on my writing. If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you probably have a good idea of what's been going on at the Meck House, but in today's post, I am going to give you all the life updates. So grab a coffee, or if you are like me a big ole fountain pop, and a snack because this is going to be a long post!

We Had a Baby!

Y'all I don't know how I did it but I went through an entire pregnancy without making a post about it here at I did add a maternity photo to my home page back in November but otherwise, I dropped the ball.. hard.

We knew back in April we wanted to try for a third baby. Carl and I took a couple's trip to St. Lucia and it was there I finally realized I wanted another child. Carl was thrilled as he had been ready for a while but was waiting on me to make the choice. A couple of months later (just after my 29th birthday) we got a positive pregnancy test! The really exciting thing about it though is that when I went to tell my sister, she surprised me by letting me know she was pregnant too! We were due a whopping 9 days apart. Like what are the odds of that?

My official due date was February 26th, 2023. We spent the last nine months preparing as we had given away all of our baby gear after Bubs grew out of it. So many decisions from what car seat we wanted, to a crib, and even baby clothes as we had gotten rid of those too. To top off the excitement we decided to NOT find out the gender until the baby was born. It was one of my nonnegotiables when we were deciding to have another LOL. If you are interested in hearing more about my nesting experience, definitely check out my Nest with Me video on my Youtube channel!

The first two trimesters of my pregnancy were honestly a breeze. I'm talking zero morning sickness, which was a huge blessing compared to my first two pregnancies. I joked about how easy it was with my friends and family, which came back to haunt me in the third trimester.

As I entered the last trimester of my last pregnancy I became more and more sick. Almost every night I was experiencing extreme and violent nausea, and horrible heartburn, and was overall just over it. I even had to start medication, which helped but didn't cure anything.

At 34 weeks the stomach upsets landed me in labor and delivery. My husband forced me to go in on a Friday night because I was having such terrible pain, and when we arrived it turned out I was having contractions!

The doctors gave me a muscle relaxer, Tylenol, and IV fluids which slowed down the contractions enough for me to go home. Before I left they did have me get a steroid shot to develop the baby's lungs faster. This is routine if they feel early delivery is a strong possibility. I ended up having contractions through that Saturday and then by 10 pm when I had to report back to the hospital for a second dose of steroids the contractions stopped! Thank God!

I hoped that that was the end of my third-trimester issues, but it wasn't. The next week my blood pressure was high. Just high enough for them to order preeclampsia tests, but I passed them with flying colors. Then at my 36-week appointment, my blood pressure came back high again, to the point where my doctor ordered more tests and insisted I deliver at 37 weeks due to "gestational hypertension". The second set of tests showed I still did not have preeclampsia but did have a rising number of protein in my urine. They were concerned it could develop into preeclampsia if I continued the pregnancy, so an induction was scheduled for the following Monday!

In a mad dash to get things ready for the baby an entire 3 weeks early, we installed the car seat, packed our go-bag, and did some last-minute bonding with the kids. I took Sofia on a girls' date to get our nails done while Carl took Bub bowling. We even squeezed in a family movie night and snapped one last family pic before the big day.

A New Business Venture

The main reason I got so behind on my blog is that back in August I decided to open up my own in-home daycare. If you have followed me for a while you know that I love working with kids. Not only am I a mom but was also an elementary teacher for 5 years. So when we found out we were expecting I started to brainstorm ways I could continue to stay home through the baby's first few years. My original plan to go back to work after I finished grad school was officially off the table. I know that sounds wild to most working moms, but I had the worst postpartum anxiety when I had to leave Sofia and Bubs after 6 weeks. I knew I couldn't handle it again. Or at least I didn't want to. And with hustle culture being etched into me since birth I also felt guilty not contributing to the bills even if I didn't necessarily need to.

So needless to say the idea of daycare was born and I spent August-January busier than I ever could have prepared myself for. I actually had a lot of fun. We did arts & crafts, story/calendar time, and tons of free play in our playroom. I do plan on opening the daycare back up from April to the end of May. All of my families from before maternity leave are returning for that short time too so I will have a full house once again.

What's Next

As I mentioned before, I am only opening the daycare back up until the end of May. When the baby arrived I had a total shift of perspective. It sounds weird coming from me, but I actually want to slow down my life. Since the day I turned 16, I have had a job and a nagging voice in my head telling me to do more. When I held Ollie for the first time the voice disappeared and was replaced with another. This one is screaming "SOAK UP EVERY MINUTE YOU CAN". I know in my heart that baby #3 is my last baby and the time goes by way too fast for me to continue on the path I was on. As I write this blog post I am snuggling an already 6-week-old. Like how?! Wanting to blog, create reels and YouTube videos, and run my own business? Girl stop. I can't do everything and I finally see that now.

So at the start of summer, I will be closing Kaylin's Kiddos (at least for now) so I can soak up every minute of the baby years. I want to focus on the kids and Carl without distractions. Even though an in-home daycare allows me to stay home, I am ridiculously busy dealing with other kids and don't have the freedom to come and go during the day. I do hope to continue creating online content, as it is one of my creative outlets, but I haven't totally decided how that will look moving forward. I know for sure I am taking a serious step back from YouTube and am going to be very intentional with what I post on there. I hope slowing down on there will allow me to get back to my first love, this blog.

For my next blog post, I plan to share with you my birth story for baby Ollie! I will share about the day at the hospital, the gender reveal, and lots of pictures. If you haven't already be sure to subscribe to If you subscribe you will be emailed as soon as the post is live!

💕 Sending you love & momma to momma support,


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