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Monster Truck Birthday Party

Our sweet boy Bubba turned 4 this month. How did we celebrate? A monster truck birthday party of course! Check out my block post below to see how I made this monster truck birthday theme come to life. I will share a few really simple and fun monster truck-themed activities you will want to try out!

What's a backyard birthday party without a bounce house?

I was literally so excited to snag this Monster Truck bounce house from a local rental company in our area. If you are looking for an easy way to entertain kids at a backyard birthday party this is definitely a hit with the kids. We rented our bounce house for the entire day, and with delivery fees, set-up, and tear-down included it was around $300. This was our one big purchase and our main gift to our son.

Did someone say obstacle course?

I so wish I captured more photos during the monster truck birthday party. The photos you do see are courtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law. I'm so thankful she thought to snap some pictures because I totally had a mom fail there. One photo neither of us got was of the obstacle course. I used the car tire pool floaties shown below to create it. The kids had to first climb and go down our Little Tyke slide, walk across a balance beam, hop from tire to tire, and then shoot a basket in our kid's basketball hoop. It was perfectly planned but did become trashed when the kids started playing on it. Be sure to have a parent manage the course so it doesn't turn into a mess!

Ring-toss anyone?

I love having a variety of yard games when we do a backyard birthday party. For this monster truck theme, I thought the ring toss could be a fun play on traffic cones. I used some road tape mark where the kids should stand and let them have at it! This is a super simple birthday party game idea that you can use for any theme!

How about a truck race?

Who else has a car mat in your playroom? This was a super easy monster truck birthday party idea I had to do. Not only was this pretty entertaining for the kids but it was also FREE. I call that a win-win. We paired our son's car mat with these Blaze Monster Truck car set to really make the party special.

Other Moster Truck Party Decor Ideas

All of the decor for this party came from Amazon. I will link below everything I got in case you are needed some inspiration!

Have you thrown a monster truck birthday party? Let me know in the comments what your favorite birthday party activity is. If you haven't already be sure to follow my Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Sending love & momma to momma support,


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