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Mother's Day Gift Guide: For the Minimalistic Momma

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Can you believe Mother's Day 2022 is coming up in just over 2 short weeks? If you are like me, Mother's Day is something you always forget about. And I AM a mom y'all 🤦‍♀️. When it comes to gifts, I personally believe less is more. I like a gift on Mother's Day purely for the idea of being thought of. So this year I am putting together a Mother's Day Gift Guide for those of us mommas who are minimalistic in nature. Husbands, *cough* Carl *cough*, take note! Read below for 6 easy ways to make a momma happy this Mother's Day!

#1 Clean the house

No joke my biggest stressor as a momma is when I wake up to a messy house. Obviously, I could fix the situation and clean before bed; but most days Carl and I are just too tired to deal with it. Can you imagine the feeling of waking up to a clean house without having to do any of the work? I'm in heaven just thinking about it. So this year for Mother's Day consider cleaning the house for your mom/wife or hiring a cleaning service to do it!

#2 Sleep in & Breakfast in bed

Moms everywhere are lacking in one major thing. SLEEP. For Mother's Day, this year grant your mom/wife the gift of taking care of the kids in the morning and even having them help you make a proper breakfast in bed. You can place a tray filled with fruit, pastries, and coffee for mom to enjoy when she wakes up!

#3 All her favorite things

Now for the major part of the day, I suggest organizing a day filled with your mom/wife's favorite things! For me, the day would include going on a walk, getting frozen yogurt, and then finishing the day off with a movie & popcorn. Here's the catch though. Instead of asking that day what she would like to do, pre-plan it. Better yet, keep each activity a surprise!

#4 Even a minimalist momma loves plants

Alright, maybe I am just writing this Mother's Day gift guide based on my idea of a perfect day. 😂 But a new plant baby or a bouquet of flowers is a classic and easy way to please a momma this Mother's Day. I suggest a local nursery or flower shop, and be sure to order early if you are doing a bouquet!

#5 Time for self-care

This gift is a winner. Schedule a time either on Mother's Day or the following week that your mom/wife is able to get pampered. It can be as simple as taking the kids outside for a couple of hours so they can unwind in the bath and read a good book. Or you can schedule a massage, nail, or hair appointment for your momma to enjoy.

#6 Handmade treasures

I know this one can be hard for working parents, but moms love handmade keepsakes from their babies. I suggest keeping it small, so it can be stored with other treasures. I am personally a huge fan of framing my kid's artwork, so if your mom/wife does too you can frame it!

Mother's Day gift guide Framed artwork from kids
Sofia made this painting of "mommy and daddy" when she was 3. I still have it! Framed and hanging in my room.

Give your mom/wife any or all of these minimalistic gift ideas this Mother's Day and I promise she will be happy! If you are a momma and want something on this list, feel free to send this over to your family for guidance 😂.

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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