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The Bassinet Laid Empty

Tonight is a hard night for me. The baby of my babies has graduated to his big boy crib. I know I should be thrilled, and don't get me wrong, in ways I am. When I shared the news with friends and family they all celebrated the milestone, "Oh, you are going to sleep so much better now," they said. So am I wrong to be sad?

In his crib he peacefully sleeps, in a room shared with his brother. Next to me the bassinet lays empty. I am proud he's growing, that he is a happy healthy baby. I am excited to get a better nights rest. But I feel like time is moving too fast. Can someone hit the breaks?

As his bassinet lays empty I have a feeling of dread in my soul. For today it's just the bedside crib he has outgrown, but soon it will be our home.

That's it, the first peep he makes I am bringing him back to me.

Tell me, do you have the same feelings?

💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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