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Travel with Me: Must-Do Activities When Visiting St. Lucia

Part 2 of the St. Lucia series

Hey Mommas! If you follow me @themeckhouse_blog on Instagram, you got a sneak peek into my St. Lucia Vacation already. If you haven't had a chance to check out my Instagram page you can still see some of our activities saved in my "travel" highlight. Be sure to check it out! In today's post, I am sharing insight into what areas you will want to explore when you visit the island.

To start, I think it's important we all acknowledge the fact that St. Lucia is in the Caribbean & our resort had a beautiful beach just steps from our room. So what is the first must-do activity? Lazying it up on the beach of course! Carl & I spend two full days doing nothing but swimming & enjoying the sunshine. It was the perfect TLC for my soul.

With that said, getting to explore the island was just as incredible. I will warn you on transportation though. The island is basically all mountains & the roads are incredibly winding & BUMPY. I do not get motion sickness y'all, but Carl and I both got it while driving around the island. If we go back we both agreed to travel by boat next time 😂.

Besides the driving, the island itself is insanely green and beautiful. For us, the other must-see activities included;

1. Walk in the rainforest & wading in the waterfall.

We had about a 15-minute hike from the road to the waterfall through the beautiful rainforest in St. Lucia. Our guide was amazing in explaining what plants were what & giving us the history of the island. We even stopped under the "love tree" which to locals is known to provide everlasting love if you kiss under it. 😉 Who knows if it's true, but why the heck not right?

Once you get to the waterfall, you get to wade around it a bit. Our guide said swimming in it is closed to locals due to them frequently using it as bath water or to wash clothing leaving harmful chemicals behind. She also claimed the waterfall would give you the best back massage you've ever received. And she wasn't wrong.

2. Mud baths at Sulphur Springs & viewing the island's only active volcano.

Carl & I are so happy we booked this excursion. Truthfully, it was probably the highlight of our trip. And when I say those baths were hot, I mean they were HOT. We went in the second to the coldest pool & were blazing. We were actually the only people visiting to even attempt it, but we didn't mind having the area to ourselves, while others crowded in the coldest mud bath.

Here is the scoop I got from our guide. The water flows down from the volcano & is heated naturally by it. The two types of mud are collected from beside the volcano. There is the light-colored mud, which you rub on first & the dark which goes on in designs after. Many locals who come will leave the mud on for hours & even leave with it on their skin to wash off later because it is so good for you. After rubbing it on each other, we let it dry & then hopped into the water. Once in, we began washing it off but quickly noticed that you are left with a layer of dust on your skin when you come out. We opted to leave it on until we got back to the hotel & our skin was as soft as a baby's bum when we returned. No, I'm not exaggerating.

3. Touring local fishing villages & sampling the local food.

You will quickly see that St. Lucia is not a rich country. I personally see mounds of beauty in that & appreciate getting to experience how others live and eat. We were able to stop at a local hotel for lunch one day & eat authentic island food. It was the best meal I had on the trip!

4. Viewing & tasting the bananas & other fruit grown on the island.

I'm gonna tell you here and now, these bananas are sooo much better than what we have here in the US (or at least in Iowa). Tasting them in such a fresh state was life-changing & I can no longer eat our bananas here the same. The sad news we learned from our guide is that while St. Lucia has all these delicious foods growing literally everwhere, there are no major exports of any of it. The country relies heavily on tourism for money.

I promise you, that experiencing these things will leave you in awe of the beautiful country of St. Lucia. The views & the people were amazing. To sum it all up we are SO GLAD we visited! Note: we didn't get a chance to snorkel but it was on our list! We heard from others on the resort that there were tons to see if you can get out there.

As I mentioned before, I have on my Instagram page some highlights from the trip as well as a reel where you can see video of the places discussed above. I hope you all enjoyed this post on St. Lucia & hope you stay tuned for part 3 coming tomorrow. My only spoiler is the title,"Sandals Beware" 😜, so you will have to come back for the details. If you want to be notified as soon as it is posted be sure to subscribe to my blog below!

💕💕Sending love & momma to momma support,


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