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Weekly Recap: a week full of crafts & time outside

Hey friends! Kaylin here coming at you with yet another weekly recap. I'm sure I've said it already but I absolutely love writing these blog posts. They are more journal style and allow me to document what is happening in our lives. I can't wait for Sofia and Bubs to read these someday! Check out the post below if you want to see what we were up to this week. Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Youtube for more daily life content!

A Week Full of Crafts

We had so much fun this week at The Meck House! It started off pretty simple with trying out a new sensory bin from Walmart. The kids loved these and they were only $14.97. We have actually gotten them out a few times this week because they are just so fun. The kids love any type of sensory play, and this momma loves an easy activity. Sawyer got the dino one and Sofia went with the unicorn.

Some other crafts we did this week included a PlayDoh Tinker Tray, Unicorn Slime, and Bubble Painting. You should definitely check out the blog posts on those, but I will post a couple of photos below that I haven't shared.

This was the bubble painting. Basically, just add food coloring to your bubble mix. It's that easy! We did this on Tuesday because we FINALLY had some sunshine.

On Friday we made Unicorn Slime. I know what you are thinking. Slime = mom's worst enemy. That was so not true with this unicorn slime though! It stuck to itself so cleanup was a breeze. If you want the recipe you can check out the blog post here.

Time Outside

I don't know why titling this section, "time outside" is giving me serious prison yard vibes 😂, but I promise it wasn't. Here in Iowa, our spring is basically just an extension of winter. It is windy, rainy, and on most days cold. We were lucky we had some 60-degree weather between the rain and wind so we could get out of the house. We took a beautiful sunset walk after dinner this week. The kids rode scooters, but Bubs got tired the last stretch before making it home. He made momma carry him the rest of the way. 💕

Early that day while Bubs was at school, Sofia and I ran some errands. I had to send this snap to my friends. Sofia had decided to do her make-up in the car. I asked her why she was putting eye shadow under her eyes and she said "because I can" 😂. She went on to tell me that she sees me put make-up under my eyes all the time. She wasn't wrong but wasn't right either. I didn't correct her though because she looked too cute.

Finally, we ended our week with soccer. I know, not really a shocker as we are in the middle of the spring season. I talk about it every week, but this week I got an action shot of Sofia! Carl is the head coach and I'm the assistant so most of the time neither of us remembers to snap pictures.

What did you do this week? I would love to hear what you've been up to in the comments!

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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