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Weekly Recap: Back from Vacation & Making Gains

Hey mommas! Today I am sharing a weekly recap. I missed last week due to vacation so wanted to check in and catch you up on all the happenings here at the Meck House. If you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Instagram & Youtube for more inside looks into our daily life. We are making serious gains in terms of content in both of these places so you won't want to miss out! Anyway, let's chat!

Weekly Recap- Sofia playing playdoh and looking cute!

Back from Vacation

Oh my goodness you guys, St. Lucia was so beautiful! If you haven't had a chance to read my series on our vacation last week you can click here to see it. Coming home has been a whirlwind. This may be TMI but on our second day back Carl and I both caught a stomach bug that left us down and out most of Sunday. Apparently, the kids caught it when we were gone. It didn't last long, thankfully, and by Monday we were feeling better. My only issue now is since the stomach bug I've been getting nauseated every. single. day. I have had tummy issues in the past and hoping it has not returned. This next week I plan to focus on eating clean. 🤞 that will help me reset my gut health!

As far as the house it has been a struggle for sure this week to get/keep everything clean. What is it about coming home from vacation that royally messes up any organization and function you had going before you left? It took me the entire week to get laundry done, folded, and put away. I am not totally proud of it, but honestly, there are just some weeks like that. With me feeling sick this week I was just happy that I accomplished it when I did.

In terms of #momlife, coming home to the kids was the best feeling ever. I missed them way more than I thought I would while in St. Lucia. This week was especially exciting with them as we did arts and crafts, Easter activities, went swimming, and had soccer!

About a month ago found out we have a YMCA just 20 minutes from our home. We have been taking the kids here to get their swimming fix in, and they love it! $20 for a family day pass. After we were done we tried out this delicious barbeque place called "Moo's BBQ". Even the kids were enjoying the brisket and ribs.

One other fun thing we did was make a Copycat McDonald's Oreo Mcflurry. Gluten-free of course and yummy! Also, it was two ingredients so you can't go wrong there.

Tuesday we had practice in the rain and yesterday we had a game. If you have ever seen preschoolers play soccer, you know how it went 😉. But really it was just nice to see them participating & having fun. Carl is the coach and this spring I am helping assist. which means our weeks will be filled with soccer through the end of May. I am planning on finding some crockpot meals or 20-minute dinners to make it easier on practice nights. Any suggestions? Remember that it does have to be gluten-free & chicken-free due to my food sensitivities. I know it makes it challenging to think of recipes!

Making Gains

Why do I love the phrase "making gains" so much? 😂 It's the little things in life, ha. I thought this phrase was perfect though in describing the progress I have made on the blog, YouTube, and Instagram. I didn't totally meet my blog goal, but I am always super ambitious when creating goals & to-do lists. My goal was to do 5 days of blogging (in a row) about our St. Lucia trip. I was able to get in the first 3 days, but I still need to finish the rest. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget that I am not Super Woman and can't do all the things every day. While I absolutely love this blog & what I am creating here the kids take priority 100% of the time. That means somedays I need to just focus on them and the daily grind of motherhood & homemaking.

With that said I do plan to write more about St. Lucia this week, as well as a couple of last-minute Easter activity ideas, so stay tuned! I did share 1 activity called Easter Potato Stamps, which you can check out on the blog or YouTube. I also posted some more "Clean With Me" Vlogs & reels on Instagram. So like a said. SERIOUS gains this week.

Thanks for being here & reading my weekly recap. I love getting to share a glimpse into our everyday life in these posts! Don't forget to comment below on any easy recipes you can send my way to make soccer nights go a little more smoothly!

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,



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