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Weekly Recap: dance recital week

All I can say about this past week is WOW. It went by so fast that I barely had time to blink. Today in this recap post I am going to share with you the craziness that was dance recital week. I was a first-time dance mom this year! Stay tuned if you want to hear about the tricks I found essential when doing the "dancer bun". Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want daily updates & peeks into our life. I would love to have you there!

To start, I was sick the entire week with a cold so I didn't have the energy to do much. I was able to edit and post two new vlogs on my YouTube channel so be sure to check those out and subscribe!

On Monday, Sofia had her first rehearsal for her dance recital. Luckily this one was only a 15-minute rehearsal. Mondays are super crazy here at the Meck House because I also have grad school every Monday at 6 pm.

Tuesday & Sunday were soccer days. Practice Tuesday was freezing. I am quickly becoming a NON-fan of spring soccer. It was just so much more enjoyable during the fall. After the game Sunday, Carl treated us all to Ice Cream. The local shop Dari-Barn opened a few weeks back, but this is the first time we've been able to stop. Sofie & Bubs earned that ice cream. They kicked butt in their game!

Every time we get ice cream Bub eats about 5 bites and then plays under the table the rest of the time. 😂 But at least I got this photo first!

Wednesday we headed back to dance for a full dress rehearsal. This meant I had to try to get her all done up for the first time. I really struggled with the hair but thankfully some more experienced dance moms gave me some pointers. They told me to try spraying hair spray on a toothbrush to comb back her flyaways and to use a hair net to keep everything in place. Also, if I really want the hair to stay in place I should try a "hair glue". I will have to look into that one more, we just stuck with Aussie brand hair spray this year.

How cute is she?

Thursday we finally had a nice day and free time to play outside. Sofie & Bubs adore the neighbor kids and had been having serious withdrawal from not getting to play all week. So we spent the evening outside playing in the yard. I watched as they pretended to create a band and put on a show.

Neighborhood band 😂

Friday came quickly and Sofie had her very first recital night. I loved getting to see her up on stage. She did a tap dance called "Sea Cruise" that was beyond cute. Saturday was another recital day, I was the backstage mom while Carl, Bubs, and my mom cheered her on from the audience.

weekly recap dance recital week
This is the only photo we got as a family so you will have to ignore Sofia's frown. She really was happy! She was so excited to get flowers from papa and grandma (Carl's parents) & mommy and daddy.

Saturday morning the kids and I walked to the park while Carl stayed behind to deal with a raccoon issue. Yup, you read that right. Raccoon. Somehow it found its way into our attic through our garage access and has taken up residence. We had friends come out to try and get it, and then a professional come and set a trap. It has been up there for 3 full days now and is still not coming down. Last night I swear I heard it scratching up there.

weekly recap walk to the park riding bikes
Snapped this shot on our way to the park Saturday. No way was I getting near the raccoon!

I am looking forward to things being a little more chill this week. I am substitute teaching tomorrow but other than that and soccer our schedule is wide open. Thank goodness! I will catch you all in next week's recap. Until then be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see more daily life and updates on the blog. I don't have any major posts planned but I tend to get inspired easily so who knows what this week will bring.

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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