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Weekly Recap: Gardening & Mother's Day Celebration

Welcome friends! I hope you all had a wonderful week. In this week's recap, I am sharing my week spent gardening outside as well as Mother's Day celebrations. I also have the cutest shot of the kids leaving soccer practice Tuesday. Check it out below!

I mean I wasn't lying, right? Our little helpers insisted on carrying the soccer bag all the way back to the truck after Tuesday night's practice. They are both doing very well this season. Sofia doesn't like it all that much, but Bubba has really been getting into it. He likes to stay back and guard the goal. He will wait on the opposite side of the field and kick it away from the other team to his teammates. It is awesome to watch!

This past week was the best weather for gardening. It was consistently 60 degrees, which meant I could spend hours pulling weeds and planting without breaking a sweat. Looking at this week's forecast I am glad I got so much done. It's going to be 80-90 degrees all week long.

I enlisted the help of two little ones which made weed pulling go a lot faster. We moved to this house in April of last year but hardly touched the backyard. This year wanted to make it ours so we cleaned up the raspberry bush, and I started adding a flower bed around the back of the house. I am proud to say I am *almost* done. I ran out of the border to finish the rest. We are also hoping to continue our old tradition of a fairy garden at this house. I think we planned out the perfect spot, so now I'm on the hunt for new fairy decor. If you have a fairy garden I would love to see it. I need all the inspiration!

Mother's Day started out very peaceful. Carl and Sofie made breakfast in bed. Then I took my coffee outside so the kids could play on the trampoline. Carl spent time Saturday morning putting it up. Santa brought it for Christmas so the kids have been BEGGING to have it up for months. The box was missing one piece so one of the net poles couldn't be installed. It still seems to be working ok for now, but Carl is going to call Santa for a replacement. 😉

While the kids and I were outside, Carl was baking up a surprise inside. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I have a wheat allergy and have to be gluten-free. He made me this strawberry cake from scratch! Carl is the cook and I'm the baker in our relationship. I was 1,000% impressed with his work and found it perfectly imperfect.

Being a Sunday, we did have a soccer game on Mother's Day this year. It was fun to see them play so I didn't mind. After the game, Carl & the kids treated me to my favorite activity, a trip to the movies! We saw "The Bad Guys". I'm a huge fan of kids' movies and liked this one too. I wouldn't say it's a must-see, but we all enjoyed it. To me, there is nothing better than movie theater popcorn and large fountain pop.

Finally, the kid's gifted me with this cake/memory box surprise. The cake wasn't gluten-free, so they got to enjoy that part, but it was really cool. When you open the box flowers and butterflies fly out at you. I was not expecting it so we all had a big laugh. I already decided I am sending one of these to my mom for her birthday.

How was your week? Have you started working in your garden yet? What sorts of things did you do to celebrate Mother's Day this year?

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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