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Weekly Recap: Summer Break Fun & a Lemonade Stand

Hey there! I am going to start off this week by saying I have WAY too much to share. Summer break is officially in gear and we have been go-go-go all week. When I am writing my weekly recaps I always start with the photos. I have such a terrible memory that if I didn't take photos to document it, they get lost in.. what do they say in Inside Out? The Memory Dump (thanks google 😉). Anyway, when I went through my photos today I had over twelve photos I wanted to share. I'll see if I can shorten that up a bit though. Read below to see how we spent our week enjoying summer break and making a lemonade stand!

This past week went fast. Carl had Monday off for Memorial Day and Friday for our garage sale. Over the long weekend, he built me a raised garden bed. The kids and I spent Monday filling it with dirt and planting a Sugar Baby Watermelon patch! Carl used cedar to build it, and on the inside, we did cardboard and rock. Then mixed garden bed soil and potting soil before planting the seeds. These are instructions I found online, so I am hopeful it will work! We have been checking/watering every day in hopes of some growth. 🤞 I will keep you all updated on "Project Watermelon". *side note, if you are worried about the size of the watermelon in a raised garden bed, these should be fine. Sugar Babies are not supposed to get very big and can even be grown on a trellis.

We have had so much fun with friends this week. From the time we are up in the morning until it is time to go to bed the kids are outside running around with the neighbors. This photo was taken when one of Sofie & Bubba's favorite friends came over to play in the morning. They decided to have breakfast outside together. Healthiest breakfast? Absolutely not, but the kids were happy and that's all that matters.

For activities this week, we really didn't have a ton of time. I was able to squeeze in two extra learning activities aside from our daily reading and such though. We created our own puzzles with large popsicle sticks and dug for ABC Seashells with our sand toys! I do have a draft started for how we did the ABC Seashells so stay tuned for that!

On Wednesday we went on a walk with my friend and her kids (otherwise known as our favorite neighbors, lol). We trekked about a mile, kids in tow, to the local splash pad park. The kids had a blast, and if this picture of Sofie doesn't scream "summer", I don't know what will. Honestly, I have been so impressed with her this year. Until recently, she was terrified of getting her face wet. Now she sticks her face directly into it!

Of course, Bubby had fun at the splash pad too! He still hates water in the face though. Hence the goggles, LOL.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing serious, I just had to get my mole on my forehead checked out because it's been acting funny. My dermatologist recorded some measurements and scheduled removal in two weeks. I have gotten cysts on my scalp forever, and she is thinking it may actually be another one of those. While I was at my appointment, our good friend watched the kids. She has a little boy who's Bubba's age. They love getting to play together. They also have an awesome play set that my kids are super obsessed with.

Friday was the city-wide garage sale in our town. Carl and I have been working on decluttering the house for a while so we decided to host our first garage sale at this house. It was actually very successful. We got rid of almost everything and will donate the rest. While we were busy with that, the kids decided they wanted to do a lemonade stand. This was their first time and they had so much fun.

They practiced buying a cup for each other and selling it to us. By the time they had their first customer, they were experts at pouring it. I was impressed by their teamwork and they walked away with a pretty good profit! The only issue we have now is that they want to do it every day 🤦‍♀️.

I also worked on a little front porch refresh Friday. I switched out the light, power washed everything, added in new mulch, and decorated a bit. This is going to be my Whip it into Shape Wednesday next week so if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you can see it then!

Ok, last picture! I had to share this one because Bubba looks so handsome. Saturday was super busy. We ended our week with a morning play date at the park and a baby shower in the afternoon. Sofia was the one with the playdate and they had a blast. Bubs had to climb his favorite web climber before he could join Sofia and her friend.

I didn't get any pictures at the baby shower because it was the longest drive and I was tired, but we had a great time at that as well. The kids were covered head to toe in mud by the time we headed home. They make friends quickly and found a few to run around with.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼

💕💕sending love & momma to momma support,


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